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I want my staff to be able to use e-learning courses – how does it work?

Setting up as a Business Member to access our e-learning courses couldn’t be simpler. Here, we answer your questions and explain how to get started…

The Learning Post is committed to making sure your people are able to participate in high quality e-learning, whether your business needs to put in place training for members of your own staff to meet statutory requirements, or your business involves delivering training to others which would be complemented by an offer of online training programmes.




How do I sign up?B1

You can contact us directly to discuss your requirements. Simply provide us with your business name, a contact name and email address along with details of the courses you are interested in and the number of courses you need and we’ll work with you to set you up on our Administration Panel. You’ll receive a full guide to using the Admin Panel, which we’ll send as a PDF directly to your email address.

Discounts are available to Business Members signing up for multiple purchases.



How will the users access the courses?B2

When you’re set up on the Administration Panel, you’ll be able to log-in here and view the number of courses you have available to distribute and enter the names and email addresses of people you want to give the courses to. You’ll be able to log back in at any time and view the progress your staff members, or learners, are making. As a Business Member, you’re in complete control.




How will I know that the courses my business has purchased have been used?B3

Through the Admin Panel, you’ll be able to download reports and see which of the courses you’ve sent to named individuals have been accessed, how far through the course each person has got, details of when they’ve logged in and how many times they’ve accessed the assessments. You’ll also be able to view the certificates of all the people who have successfully completed.




What if I want to add extra courses?B4

You’ll be able to buy more courses through the Admin Panel access we’ll give you. You can either pay through the system, or contact us to request the additional courses and we’ll simply send you an invoice – whichever way works best for you.

What are the benefits of e-learning with The Learning Post?

Our e-learning courses are tutor-led, one to one interactive courses, using high quality, fast download videos containing live pictures and animated graphics. With an onscreen tutor, the course material will grab your interest and hold your attention so that you’ll retain the information long-term. Our courses:

  • Are written by experts
  • Comply with Health and Safety law
  • Meet regulations for statutory training
  • Are approved by major accreditation bodies (where applicable)
  • Can be used as either stand-alone courses or for refresher training
  • Use engaging video content
  • Issue automatic certification

Your staff, or learners, can also go over the learning content as often as required and have 12 months access to the course materials so that they get the optimum learning experience that will be retained and applied to their work. Access is still available for the whole 12 months, even if they’ve completed and been issued their certificate much earlier, so they can refer back and refresh their knowledge whenever necessary, keeping themselves and your business safe and compliant.

Get started today…. Browse the courses we’ve currently got available and contact us to discuss joining The Learning Post as a Business Member.